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Question: Don from Maui asks: What size bag should I order for my Terrier and how long will the bag last?
Answer: We recommend that you purchase a 2 lb bag for all dogs that are size toy, small or medium. You will get approx. 960, 480 or 320 servings out of that bag. The cost per serving will be approx. $0.02, $0.04 or $0.06 ea. We recommend that you purchase a 5 lb bag for all dogs that are size medium/large to large. You will get approx. 400 or 200 servings out of that bag. The cost per serving will be approx. $0.09 or $0.18 ea.

Question: Ray from Yorba Linda asks: Can I give my dog Mocha more than the recommended amount?
Answer: Absolutely. California Carrots is 100% natural carrots. Nothing else. The carrots can't hurt your dog, only help her.

Question: Carol from Ohio asks: I read this helps with diarrhea. I have tried all sorts of supplements and foods suggested by my vet. Many of them are expensive and I'm not sure are good for my dog Bruno. Will the carrots help Bruno's problem and what else is in the product?
Answer: California Carrots is a wonderful product to help with Bruno's diarrhea. California Carrots is nothing else but dehydrated carrots. The fiber in the carrots aids both in firming the stool as well as aiding in digestion. We feel it's a wonderful and healthy way to help Bruno.

Question: Lynn from New Mexico asks: Why is this product better than others I have tried?
Answer: Lynn, in the market today there is nothing like California Carrots. Carrots are grown here in California 365 days a year. They are not stored or put in silos, but dehydrated daily on a low heat to maintain their enzymes, color and freshness.

Question: Bobbie from Oregon asks: Where is your product made? I have heard horror stories about products coming from other countries.
Answer: Bobbie, California Carrots are 100% American made. The carrots are grown and harvested in the Central Valley of California 365 days a year. We too have heard horror stories and set out to create a product that we knew would be healthy, nutritious and come from American soil.

Question: Irene from New Jersey asks: What is the shelf life of the product? My Yorkie, Tinkerbell is so small. Will it go bad before she finishes the two pound bag?
Answer: Irene, California Carrots has a very long shelf life. Through the dehydration process almost all of the moisture content has been eliminated making it virtually impossible to spoil. Tinkerbell can be eating carrots for a long time to come.

Question: Ernie from Mt. Vernon asks: My Boxer Slicker does not like wet food at all. What is the best way to serve him the carrots?
Answer: Ernie, we would suggest mixing the carrots first with a little water and then coating Slicker's food with the carrot mixture. If you just add it dry to his kibbles, it will all sink to the bottom.

Question: Suzanne from Texas asks: Once I order, how long will it take to get?
Answer: Suzanne, we mail your order the day after receiving it. You should have the product within a couple of days of placing your order.

Question: Hunter from Kentucky asks: What if I want to talk to someone instead of just ordering online?
Answer: Hunter, please feel free to call our toll free number. The number is 800-303-2791. We will be happy to call you back and answer any questions you may have.

Question: Brian from New York asks: Do I need to check with my vet before adding the carrots to my Beagle's diet?
Answer: Brian, feel free to check with your vet. As California Carrots is only carrots and nothing else I am sure they will agree it is totally fine to add to your Beagle's food. Our vet has been passing out samples to other clients. We think that's a great endorsement.

Question: Judy from San Diego asks: My dog Ziggy likes the carrots, but doesn't like to eat them with his food. Any suggestions:
Answer: Judy, we have heard this before. Some dogs just don't like the wet texture mixed in with their kibbles. Try serving Ziggy a bowl of just the carrot mixture. We're sure he'll enjoy it.

Question: Paddy from Simi Valley asks: How many times a day should I feed my dogs the carrots?
Answer: Paddy, feed your dogs California Carrots every time you feed them. They'll love it!
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